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As technology and social media platforms change, the methods of advertising follow suit. The level of innovation in electronics and communication is seen through its easy access and widespread use. Marketers who wish to reach out to their consumers must use this development to promote their businesses. Hence, it is critical that marketers take advantage of resources, specifically live video, to improve their efforts. Utilization of live video allows companies to quickly share content and give a personable and interactive glimpse to viewers. Live video is a growing, cost-effective, and simple way to broadcast to a large crowd.

Live streaming has a strong allure. Its intriguing nature promotes viewership and engagement. Sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube help companies lure in viewers. As Mark Zuckerberg put it, “[In a] few years from now, the vast majority of the content that people consume online will be video.” Moreover, Tony Robins, a successful businessman, gives credit to live video for many of his achievements. At any given time, he can have three-quarters of a million viewers watching him live stream. With the click of a record button, companies are able to instantly reach large audiences.

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What makes live video so intriguing?

The charm of this advertising method lies in its transparency and spontaneity. With this interface, businesses give a refreshing and raw way of conveying information. They can display the inner workings of their company and familiarize the audience with their staff. Seeing a non-rehearsed and personable figure catches viewer interest and expands their investment in the company. In addition, live streaming strengthens bonds between businesses and their viewers through direct methods. Live video is a great way of doing Q&A’s. Comments and questions from users can be addressed personally. This level of closeness between businesses and their consumers characterizes the modern day success of business. A familiar and sociable view of a company attracts and captivates a wide range of people, and keeps them interested and loyal in the service.

Another advantage to this technological breakthrough is its efficiency. Recent studies conclude social media to be significantly more economical than other means of advertising. According to an analysis conducted by Lyfe Marketing, the cost of advertisement on social media is nearly twenty three times less expensive than email newsletters and is about ten times cheaper than television advertisement. The feasibility of live video makes it a great medium for frequent updates. Companies can use live video frequently and keep their audiences updated at low costs. Besides being cost-effective, live streaming requires a small amount of time commitment. Without having to worry about the time constraints of television advertisements or the limitations set forth by newspapers, advertisers can spend less time pre-planning content. Unlike traditional platforms, live streaming provides freedom in time and material. This quality allows companies to freely convey information conveniently and quickly. The freedom that comes with live video makes it an endlessly profitable resource for marketing.

The use of social media is growing exponentially and, despite its low cost, it’s possible to create a strong following. Pew Internet’s research concludes that three-fourths of Facebook users login daily, half of Instagram users use the app every day, and nearly half of Twitter users are regularly active. In the United States alone, there has been a thirty-three percent growth of social media usage since 2010. This leaves eighty-one percent of Americans regularly using social media. Not surprisingly, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are some of the leading online sites. This growth rate assures companies that their online following has strong potential and an upward growth rate. Other methods, such as newspaper, T.V. broadcast, and newsletters, do not match the potential of social media. The use of live video is becoming more prominent and could potentially surpass older methods of advertisement. With the majority of the population using social media, it’s essential for companies to make a strong presence on it.

Undoubtedly, live video gives companies an innovative edge in marketing. Its simplicity and ease of use are some of its greatest assets. It gives audiences a fresh view of companies, has strong growth potential, and has many online outlets. Live video could be one of the greatest highlights in modern day marketing.


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