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Check out the video below to see all of the new features added to Assemble in our latest release.

Reply to Comments

We’ve added the much requested feature of adding threaded replies to comments. This enables you to have context specific conversations around feedback.

With the addition of comment replies, we’ve also updated the ability to share comments from one team to another. You can now share:

  • The entire comment thread with all replies
  • Just the original comment
  • Just one of the replies

This enables you to only share necessary information and save time for your editors when combing through feedback. In addition, after the comments are shared you can add another reply to give your editor more context or direction.

As always, you can also hide the usernames of everyone in the comment thread if you want to just share the text of the conversation.

Comment Mentions 

You can now tag people in comments using @ to send them a direct notification of the comment. This will trigger a direct email notification letting them know they have been tagged in a comment.

Mark Comments as Complete 

We’ve added the ability to mark comments as complete by clicking the checkmark in the upper right of each comment. This enables you to create a visual checkoff to let everyone else know the comment has been completed.

On an individual preference level, you can also choose to show or hide completed comments, enabling you to clean up your comment timeline and make comments disappear once you check them off.

Sort & Filter Comments 

You can now sort the order of your comments by:

  • Oldest (default)
  • Newest
  • Timecode

Comment Emojis

We’ve added quick shortcuts in the commenting functionality to enable you to quickly add emojis into your comments.

Lock the Calendar 

The lock calendar function enables you to lock the calendar and ensure that nobody can make any changes to the calendar. Only users on the full access team can lock or unlock the calendar, and this activity will be tracked in the notification feed.

When calendars are locked, a lock icon will appear next to them in the master calendar, letting you know which calendars are unable to be changed.

Emoji Milestones 

Once you switch to Timeline view, you will see a colored timeline at the top of each project calendar. You can now click to add milestones to this section and choose an emoji to represent the milestone.

These milestones will appear on your project calendar and master calendar, giving you a quick visual overview of important upcoming events.

We hope you enjoy all of these new features, and keep an eye out for many more exciting updates rolling out in the months ahead.


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