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As an open collaboration platform, it’s our goal to enable our users to work on Assemble in any way that fits their workflow.

So if you already have your own team of creatives or external freelancers, and don’t need to hire through the Assemble Network, you can still use our project management platform to collaborate with your team, enabling you to utilize our powerful set of features including calendars, task lists, advanced asset management, feedback, approvals and more.

Adding Your Own Freelancers

We built the ‘Creators’ tab so that you can assemble a team of talented creatives within the project, and showcase their work so that everyone on the project understands who will be leading the creative charge.

We’ve now upgraded the ‘Creators’ tab to enable you to invite your own vendors, freelancers or internal team members to projects. This allows you to build your creative team with ultimate flexibility, filling all of the roles entirely yourself, or from the Assemble Network, or a mix of both. All while utilizing our end-to-end project management solution to bring your project to life.

Within the project, select the ‘Creators’ tab to begin building your creative team. Click the ‘+’ button and invite your creatives to the project by entering their role and email address.

Creatives will be invited to your project and prompted to build their profile, which will enable them to showcase their portfolio to everyone on the project.

Hiring Creatives to Work with your Team

As an added bonus, you can now hire individual creatives à la carte directly from the Assemble Network. 

Let’s say you have a great, trusted director, DP and editor that you are already working with on your project. However, you need to add a talented animator to help put the finishing touches on the project.

Just click the ‘+’ button again, and this time select the button at the bottom to hire from our invite-only network. Once you let us know what role you’re looking for, we’ll help you build a shortlist of top options from our network to fulfill that role. You can review portfolios, chat with the creatives, and select your favorite to add them to the project.

These new features give you ultimate flexibility to utilize the platform with any and all team members, while accessing our creative network as needed to fulfill skill roles or increase bandwidth.

We’re hopeful that these new Creator features will improve your experience with Assemble and continue to help you build world class production processes. 

Keep an eye out for many exciting new features being announced soon for our project management platform.


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