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Until recently only certain sellers and brands could add videos to their Amazon product listings. While Amazon has made no official announcement, it has expanded the program to allow more sellers to add videos to their product listings, including those in the Vendor Central platform or Amazon Exclusives Program, and to some Brand Registry sellers enrolled in Seller Central under Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).

There are two places eligible sellers can add videos to enhance your product listings:

  1. Image Section
  2. Video Shorts

The image section appears at the top of the page right next to the product name and expands as you roll over the thumbnail.  Access to upload videos to this location are still somewhat limited, but the video shorts are available to a broader array of sellers.  These appear at the bottom left side as Related Video Shorts of the product listing page and appear in Amazon’s video shorts section and can help drive traffic back to product listings.

‍In both cases, the online platform has hinted that they plan to roll the program out even further in the future.

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How Will Video Help Increase Conversions?

It’s not just another “add on” to beef up your product page.  Research shows that product videos translate into more sales.  Just look at these stats from a survey of marketing professionals, online consumers, and business owners, when it comes to using product videos:

  • 72% of businesses say it has improved their conversion rates
  • 76% of businesses say it provides a good ROI
  • 64% of businesses say it has directly led to increased sales
  • 77% of consumers say they’ve been convinced to buy after watching a product video

In fact, a study reported by Adobe showed that online shoppers are nearly twice as likely (1.81 times) more likely to complete a purchase once they’ve viewed or demo or product video!  The same study showed a 40% increase in purchases at retailers using video

Videos bring products and services to life.  They simply focus visitor attention in a way a still image cannot.  There’s something visceral about seeing a product from different angles, see it in action, and better understanding how it works.

Research from 3M demonstrates that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.  Maybe that’s why.

Four Tips To Create Great Product Videos

Have a specific goal in mind.  Avoid the temptation to stuff a whole bunch of benefits and features into a short clip.  Sometimes, it’s enough to show off the product and make it look appealing.  In other cases, it’s a simple explanation of a particular feature, or a how-to video.  

It should be brief and get-right-to-it.  Don’t make them wait to get your point across.  In short, don’t waste your customer’s time.  Amazon itself suggest videos be less than one minute.  Product videos with the best completion rates were between 30 and 45 seconds in length.

Think “anti-infomercial.”  The purpose of the video is to showcase your product, inspire trust, and give consumers confidence they are making a good decision.  Be genuine and authentic and avoid the over-hype.

Hire a professional.  Facebook is full of fuzzy videos shot on a cell phone, but for your product videos you want to put your best foot forward.  You have a short time to make a great impression.  Make it count.  A professional will think about things you might not.  

  • Is the product pristine?  
  • Are there scratches that will detract?  
  • Are we lighting the product in a way that avoids shadows and glares?
  • Is there anything in the background that could pull attention away from the product?
  • Can we showcase the product in a real-world environment to demonstrate what it can do?
  • Does the Amazon product video reflect the right tone (fun, smart, powerful, trustworthy, etc.)?

Multiple videos can help focus on different aspects of your product.  That’s a good strategy for your website, but right now Amazon is only supporting one video per product listing.

Amazon Product Listing Video Guidelines

Another reason to consider hiring a pro is that Amazon has a long list of what you can’t do in your videos.  Breaking one of the guidelines can get you blacklisted.

Amazon Content Policy Violations

Don’t do any of these things in your product listing videos:

  • Mention a competitor’s product
  • Use Price or Promotional information, including things like saying your prices are better
  • Time sensitive product information, like “on sale now”
  • Provide shipping information, including free shipping
  • Use hyperbole, such as “#1 seller,” or “best-selling product”
  • Use logos, brands or company names other than your own or the product you are showing
  • Show web address that lead visitors away from the Amazon platform
  • Provide customer reviews, third-party quotes, or editorial content
  • Talk about warranties or money-back guarantees
  • Promote yourself as an “authorized seller” or “authorized reseller”
  • Provide contact information outside of the Amazon platform

In other words, use the video to showcase your product, but don’t think of it as a video advertisement that you might show on TV or online to market your business.  The purpose is to show potential shoppers what your product looks like and what it can do. Think simple, short, and high quality.

Be especially careful with video, images, and music that you have the right to use whatever you are posting.  You must own the rights or have permission to use whatever appears in your video.  The penalties for copyright infringement can be substantial.

Amazon Product Listing Video Formats

Obviously, you want to upload the highest quality video you can.  Amazon recommends MP4 or MOV file formats under 500MB in size, but accepts videos in these formats:

  • 3GP
  • AAC
  • AVI
  • FLV
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • MPEG-2

You will also need to select a thumbnail image that shows before your video plays.  Pick the highest quality JPEG or PNG image you have with a 16:9 aspect ratio.  A 300 DPI and 1920 x 1080 resolution are recommended.

We Can Help

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