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You would have to be living under a rock to never have heard of Red Bull. It’s a ubiquitous brand and pretty much every American is aware of Red Bull’s marketing efforts.

This success is no accident. Red Bull’s marketing efforts positioned them effectively in almost every major field that fits its target groups. Yes, we are mainly talking about sports. Just to name a few examples: Red Bull owns a Major League Soccer team, owns a Formula 1 team, contracted athletes from almost every extreme sport, and hosts endless amounts of sports-related events.

Lessons To Be Learned

There are lots of lessons to be learned from Red Bull. One of them is their utilization of sportsmanship, role models, and heroes to create endless amounts of customer engagement. The WOW-factor is clearly visible in most of Red Bull’s videos, causing young people from all over the world to share the videos with their friends. Red Bull is as WOW as it gets and, therefore, dominates most extreme sport video content on the web.

Another important lesson to learn from Red Bull is their consistent aim in all of their endeavors: evoking the rush people seek, whether it be from drinking the well-known energy drink or by watching adrenaline-fueled videos. No matter what business endeavors Red Bull partakes in, their goal never seems to shift.

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A fairly straightforward, but important, lesson to be learned from Red Bull is their effective use of logo saturation. Red Bull utilizes a colorful, unique logo: one that’s easy to remember. On top of that, at every extreme sports event you can spot the logo… maybe you’ve recently spotted their logo on a pop-up Red Bull tent, or perhaps you’ve seen it on a sports sponsorship. In short, Red Bull promotes its brand in every single corner possible: even if people don’t pay attention, the logo is still observed by their subconscious. As a result, almost every person is familiar with Red Bull.

Red Bull’s Video Marketing Spree

Red Bull thrives on video marketing. In nine of the past 12 months Red Bull was the most watched brand across platforms, according to statistics released by Tubular. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Red Bull generated more than 2.5 billion views – and 50.2 million engagements – in the last 365 days.

Red Bull’s video efforts have transitioned from a part-time job to a full-time job, from occasional hits to an ongoing stream of videos that get lots of views and engagements, day in and day out. Red Bull has uploaded 4,331 videos to 23 accounts in the last 365 days, according to Tubular Labs.

So, what makes Red Bull’s video marketing strategy unique?

Why Their Video Marketing Strategy is so Effective

Red Bull absolutely dominates the action sports clips and action scene on the web. Young people who are searching for adrenaline-fueled videos will almost always end up watching a Red Bull video.

The effect Red Bull is creating can also be linked to the yo-yo effect. Even if you decide to actively try to take a break from Red Bull’s energy drinks or its videos, sooner or later you and Red Bull will meet again. They use something we like to call extreme brand awareness: the concept of Red Bull is so solid in people’s minds that you will always be affiliated with them in one way or another, whether it be video engagement, attending their events, buying their energy drink, or talking about their brand with your friends.

Because of this, Red Bull remains a role model for many small and large brands around the world.


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