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With the rapid spread of COVID and other infectious diseases, producing video content remotely and in sterile environments has become increasingly important.

Our mission at Assemble is to facilitate the future of content production, on a global scale. And remote content production is at the core of our DNA and how we envision the future of production. 

While practicing strict safety protocols with a crew on set can help deter any health issues, sometimes certain requirements call for no crew at all. For instance, a high profile guest or actor may not be willing to take the risk of being around a production crew for a full day shoot. Because of this, new innovations are required to ensure we can produce content in a truly remote fashion, with zero human interaction at all.

That’s why we are excited to announce Assemble’s new True Remote Content Production services, in partnership with SOLO.

SOLO is a mobile production studio, featuring a camera that can pan, tilt, zoom, and telescope to capture any type of content – from sit down interviews to live action commercials – all using a remote operator from anywhere in the world.

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The camera robotically folds into a sturdy shipping case which can be sent anywhere in the world via our partner’s streamlined shipping services.

Additionally, SOLO comes with a built-in professional quality halo light, providing beautiful soft lighting for interview subjects. If more advanced lighting is required, SOLO can also ship with light panels that can be set up on site by the video subject.

SOLO does not fall short in terms of production quality, featuring an UltraHD 4K Panasonic sensor, and a 24mm – 490mm zoom lens, to provide everything from wide angle shots to filmic depth of field. Audio can be captured via the built in shotgun mic and controlled remotely by an audio tech.

Assemble has partnered with SOLO to feature these cameras on any remote production started via the Assemble marketplace.

If interested in starting a remote production, fill out a creative brief and talk to one of our producers today. Get started here.


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