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It’s always been our goal to help customers and creatives connect on a personal level that fosters collaboration and successful execution of professional grade content.

We’re now excited to announce two new features that will bring them one step closer together; in-app payments and in-app messaging.

In-App Payments

Paying for creative services can be a tricky thing, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we took valuable time to research hundreds of creative projects to better understand how we can make payments more of a breeze. 

We understand that vendors hate chasing down invoices, and customers hate chasing down their accounting department. Our solution, ultimate transparency into the payment process, as well as a flexible system that allows us to quickly account for project overages and budget changes. All of this built on top of Stripe to ensure payments are secure and protected.

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Starting today, creatives in our network can add their Payout Preferences and have money direct deposited into their bank account as soon as the customer pays the invoice. To do this, log in to Assemble, click your profile icon on the top right, and navigate to Account Settings > Payouts.

And for customers, we’re giving them multiple payment options that support enterprise transactions, such as card, ACH and even physical checks. 

Payments are sent throughout the course of the project, and overages can be easily reported and added on as an additional payment as needed. Furthermore, creatives now have the option to communicate directly with clients to check in on the status of payments.

With Assemble’s new integrated payment processing, we can support instant money transfer, enterprise PO processes, and project overages, all in one unified platform.

In-App Messaging

Get ready for a direct line, any time. With in-app messaging, customers and creators can now communicate directly on the platform, through all phases including the bidding process, kickoff and ongoing project management.

Within a project, just click ‘Creator’ to view the message thread, and send any messages needed in the chat. Everyone on the project will be notified of new messages in order to stay up to date on important info.

With these two important features, we hope to bring our customers and creatives closer so that they can achieve greater things. To be successful, nothing is more important than a working relationship, and we’re doing our best to ensure our community has every opportunity to add a personal touch to each project completed on Assemble.


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