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5 Brands that Built Everything off Video
Feb 20, 2018

The web video marketing revolution in recent years has given new brands a great opportunity to launch with a splash and build a business off the strength of one amazing video. Likewise, it's taught established brands that they can use the compounding effects of video marketing to grow their business, day by day. 

Here's why: 

  • Video has the immediacy and visual appeal that engages consumers. 
  • New and established brands can use video to increase revenues and reputations soar.  For new companies, a single video can suddenly become viral and dramatically change business fortunes. 
  • Consistent video content used wisely can move businesses ahead of competitors over time.  

The magic is in the execution. Marketers who excel at video campaigns are seeing higher view-throughs and open rates, with increased search rankings and substantially more leads and conversions winding their way into their CRMs. 

Let's take a look at a mix of brands that have moved to video to transform their businesses. 

Lowe's Home Improvement

America's 2nd-largest home improvement brand has been consistently producing engaging video content as part of its overall marketing efforts. Do you remember back in 2013-2014 when Lowe's quick clips about home fix-it jobs were a smash on the then-hot Vine network? Lowe’s set out to prove that a simple 6-second video could help people with their home improvement tasks. Its agency, BBDO New York, produced a bunch of Vines around the message “How can we help people improve their home in just 6-seconds?”. The resulting campaign was very successful, helping to win the agency a Clio Award and a "Best in Show" at the 2013 Mashies Awards.  

Lowe's has since expanded to videos on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram Stories, where Lowe's worked again with BBDO to create 64 1-second videos on Instagram Stories for a 35-second clip. The clip went viral, brought new fans to its Instagram site, and showed IG users a fun way to tackle a household task using products from Lowe's.  The big win for Lowe's is increased recognition on social media, and how video can show the ease and practicality of DIY fix-it jobs to a new generation of homeowners.


Squatty Potty

Here’s an excellent example of a single video responsible for exploding a small business. Squatty Potty was a product that used a cute, whimsical approach in its video ad to improve a simple physical function. With bright colors, a unicorn and a handsome actor playing a knight, the Squatty Potty video was THE viral video sensation of 2016. And the results? Squatty Potty realized a:

•          600%+ increase in online sales

•          400%+ increase in retail

•          66 Million views in 4 months

•          1 Million Facebook shares in 4 months


Red Bull 

From the beginning, the attributes of Red Bull have always been a daring spirit, a quest for adventure and a passion for physical fitness, all in the name of selling energy and fun. Red Bull has made a name for itself on the branding stage by using video consistently over the past few years, so much so that it's now considered a media/news company. Its Red Bull Adventure series highlights people espousing its brand values. 

Red Bull has been successful with its video marketing strategy because it has consistently provided great video content for its fans, followers and product partners. Month after month, the company pushes out great content, keeping its brand name at the top on Tubular Insights Brands leaderboard

With nearly 90 million views on Instagram in December 2017, and almost 40 million views on YouTube (per Tubular Insights), Red Bull is one of the world’s most recognized brands for its use of video marketing success. Credit that to a great hub of content, dedicated, passionate followers and a video marketing strategy that just won’t quit. 



Two years and running, this remarkable video ad for Chatbooks has produced over 16 million views on YouTube, and nearly 470,000 shares on social media. Chatbooks is a mobile app that makes quality photo books from your phone. They needed a video that would propel their photo book concept to new audiences. 

This clip works because it portrayed a realistic (and funny) mom who wanted a simple solution for photo books for her moments with her kids. Chatbooks was the answer. The mechanics of the video made it extremely easy for people to install the app on their phone and get it while watching. Amazing. 



 Another way that marketers can use video is through their sales teams. Instead of working the sales channels through presentations and email follow-ups, a few innovative firms have used ‘selfie sales videos” to meet face-to-face with prospects and try to nurture interest. 

Terminus, an account-based marketing agency in Atlanta, found that using selfie videos with prospects was lifting their engagement levels past 50%, a remarkably high number of efforts in the sales trenches.  See this clip below from a Terminus sales rep that is a masterful follow-up to a prospect’s noted interests. 


As you can see in the examples, one amazing video, or a consistent use of video over time, can have a transformative impact on a business. More consumers are watching video and basing their purchases on what they view online. Companies looking to ramp up their marketing efforts in 2018 should look to getting creative with video marketing.

Written by
Nate Watkin
Founder & Executive Producer