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Instagram, a rapidly growing social media platform, is a multifunctional and innovative tool for marketers. Besides helping comical pets and food enthusiasts come to fame, it also serves to benefit companies. Instagram reports that about 200 million users a day use this feature, and its use is expected to rise (Forbes, 2017). It’s successful in advertising to large masses; Nike was able to use the app to generate 800 million views within 24 hours (AdAge, 2016). Undoubtedly, Instagram stories are a quick and simple way of keeping consumers up to date on products and services.

What makes this feature so successful? Instagram stories give consumers a fresh view of the company. Moreover, Instagram uses algorithms to attract the right audience for a specific company. Finally, stories are a time-efficient method for advertising. With all these qualities, stories are very effective in attracting traffic.

1. Professional content will make you stand out

One of the greatest assets of Instagram stories is their charm. There are endless ways to customize and share content. Currently, Instagram offers Boomerang, stickers, geotags, filters, and live video. Specifically, Boomerang is an up to date way of creating quirky, repeated short clips. The other tools also enhance photos and videos with aesthetic hues, which make content seem unique and in style. Even though the mentioned features make it easy to quickly and efficiently produce videos for Instagram stories, you really stand out when you work with a professional production company and actually spend time creating a content strategy. Many people are using Instagram stories, so think of unique and creative ways to deliver your stories to stand out from the crowd.

2. Instagram uses beneficial algorithms

Besides its creative appeal, Instagram stories benefit marketers by directing the right people to their content. The homepage of Instagram, or its discover page, uses user information, including accounts they follow and posts they view, to recommend accounts. Once a user follows a business, every story the company posts will automatically appear at the top of the user’s app. Additionally, Instagram stories allow verified users to add direct links in their stories. This element draws users to company websites with ease. User engagement will increase and improve when marketers are able to utilize an enjoyable app to draw traffic to their site. This feature is especially important, since there are 700 million active and regular Instagram users, per month, and it has been predicted that about 50% of all social media users will be using the app by the end of 2017 (Forbes, 2017). Certainly, Instagram’s systematic method of attracting users, with its large following, makes it a secure platform for marketing.

3. An efficient way of showcasing content

Lastly, Instagram stories offer marketers a fast way of producing quality content. Unlike extensively planned newsletters, television commercials, and magazine advertisements, the app allow for a quick means of endorsement for the average marketer. This allows advertisers to easily communicate information, show upcoming products, and remind buyers of their services. 

The world of social media is growing, and for advertisers to stay current, they must utilize versatile technologies. The success and projected growth of Instagram stories make it a major tool for advertisers.