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We’d all like to think we are rational beings and make decisions based on intellect and facts.  The truth is that we are more likely to make decisions on an emotional level and then justify our decisions with logic. 

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.” – Dale Carnegie

Videos tap into that emotion by engaging the senses in a more complete way than an email or a PowerPoint slide show.  When we create video and tell a compelling story, we can captivate people and evoke visceral reactions.

Video is an ideal medium for driving change both inside and outside your organization.  Visually stimulating, it can convey facts and emotion in a way that grabs attention across generations.

59% of executive chose video over text if both are available.  For Millennials, 62% would rather watch video than read text. Given the choice between watching a video or reading a newsletter from their employer, the video was picked by nearly all.

There’s an added value as well.  Videos get shared.  It’s so easy to share a video on social media these days.  One click and it’s sent to your friends and colleagues.  This broadens the distribution and impact.  It also creates an implied endorsement. 

How Top Companies Are Using Video

When it comes to mission and culture, videos play a key role for emerging companies.  It communicates value and purpose and highlights the spirit of the company and the good work being done.  It sells the company internally to employees, externally to potential customers, and works as a recruitment tool for future hires.


Dropbox is an online storage company that burst onto the scene with an easy way to store and share large files.  Its ease-of-use allowed for non-techies to share content and collaborate across work units and locations.  Seven years after inception, it was valued at $10 billion.  Its CEO, Drew Houston, is one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

Houston also credits the culture.  One of Dropbox’s five core values is a happy cupcake:  no words, just the image.  The company has even been known to send “cupcake kits” to potential hires after an interview.

“We believe that just because you’re in a corporate environment doesn’t mean you should be sentenced to having a corporate experience. We think work should be fun and human and you should have great relationships and we try to imbue our tools with that sense.” – Drew Houston, CEO Dropbox

Twilio is a developer platform that facilitates communications,  If you have used Netflix, Airbnb, or Lyft, you have used Twilio without knowing it.  Started in 2008, Twilio reported $399 million of revenue in its last fiscal year and a market cap of $3.25 billion.

Among its 9 cores values, it lists “No Shenanigans” and “Draw an Owl.” 

“It’s now woven into our culture and used as a cheeky, but encouraging reply to those who email colleagues at Twilio asking how to do something. It (“draw an owl”) reminds them that they have — or are empowered to find — the answer. – Jeff Larson, CEO Twilio

Telling Your Story

Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers both quit their jobs and started a beer company.  Beyond craft beers, Founders Brewing Company is now one of top 20 producers in the country, one of the most recognized breweries in the U.S., and ranked as one of the world’s top breweries by for the past five years.

They’ve set themselves apart by telling their story.  It’s not an easy one to tell. Barely escaping bankruptcy, it took Mike and Dave 12 years to break even. They almost lost everything.

“Our loan officer called and said, ‘Monday, we are going to put a lock on your door.’” – Mike Stevens, CEO Founders Brewing Co.

By the end of the video, you’ll find yourself rooting for them and maybe thinking about picking up one of their brands next time you want a beer.


It’s not just startups and emerging companies that are using video effectively to showcase their culture.  Barclays has been in business for 325 years, operates in 50 countries, and employs 140,000 people.  Focusing on personal and corporate banking, wealth management, and investment management, it’s one of the world’s largest banks.

Barclays recruits differently.  It no longer asks you to submit a resume and cover letter.  It evaluates potential hires on assessments and interviews.  It literally puts finalists to the test in an “immersive challenge” that can take up to 5 hours to complete.

Their recruiting video plays on their theme “quietly conquering the world of finance,” by illustrating how they are “quietly” snapping up the top talent in the industry.  

High-quality recruitment videos work not just as a recruitment video, but a marketing tool and brand builder as well. They sell the company culture and showcase the benefits of working for them.

Fiverr is a marketplace for digital services.  Its name comes from the fact that you can buy most digital services from freelancers for as little as $5.  Its goal, was to make hiring freelancers as easy as buying on Amazon.

“When you build a product, you want people to live it.” – Micha Kaufman, CEO Fiverr

Fiverr’s recruitment video went viral because it pokes fun at recruitment videos and breaks the mold.

Wondering what it’s like to intern or work at Google?  This video combines testimonial techniques, culture, and recruitment into one.  It’s also selling its brand and its zeitgeist.

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Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service software company founded in 2007 by three Danish friends.  Its headquarters is inside an old Buddhist monastery and its stock soared to record highs in 2017.  It is has a nearly $5 billion market cap.

Videos can help take a dry topic and make it interesting.  This can capture people’s attention, make them think about their needs, and build trust.

“Trust is the basis for all customer loyalty.” – Mikkel Svane, CEO Zendesk

Zendesk often turns to humor in its videos, like this couple.

Volvo had a unique challenge.  As a well-known brand, associated with safety, sales had slowed and its U.S. market was somewhat stagnant.  They turned to video marketing for their B2B marketing.

“Video is a very flexible media where we can create a longer story for YouTube, which then can be cut down in shorter episodes and published in other social media channels like Facebook or LinkedIn.  We see this as a smart way to think broad and narrow at the same time, and it is also a very cost efficient way of working.” – Agneta Malmcrona, Global Content Manager at Volvo Trucks

Volvo uses star power in its marketing videos.  This one features Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits to demonstrate a product feature, dynamic steering.  What could have been a boring topic turned into 88 million views. In addition, Volvo’s research of truck owners who viewed the video showed a purchase intent increase of nearly 50%.

IBM has been involved in video production for marketing in a big way.  They produce both volume and value when it comes to its film and video marketing.

“The video segments have to be more than a commercial – we have to offer content with value, information of how our solutions will help our customer’s business, and tips for using particular solutions.” – Mark Leaser, Wordlwide Offering Manager for IBM Software Services

In this example, IBM found a way to explain quantam computers by using playing cards and magic.  Telling a complex concept and breaking it down can take difficult subjects and make them understandable.  It sells the concept and the brand.


You know Amazon’s success story in the online retail space, but it is also a major player in B2B circles with its cloud services, fulfillment, and logistics.  Their strategy in marketing is to keep it simple.

“You’re not going to make Hemingway better by adding animations.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

Rather than tell the story themselves, it puts its customers front and center.  Testimonials make your promises more believable.  In a survey of B2B marketers, testimonials came out on top with an effectiveness rating of 89%.

Case Studies

Salesforce is one of the world’s largest providers of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud-based services. They often focus their corporate videos on case studies, showcasing success stories from companies that use their products.  

“As a company, you need to get to the future first, ahead of your customers, and be ready to greet them when they arrive,” – Marc Benioff, CEO Salesforce 

In this example, SalesForce used one of its clients, Aston Martin., to highlight how SalesForce products are integral to client success.  By associating the company with a high profile brand, it helps sell potential customers that SalesForce is an industry leader.  The high quality of the video matches exactly with the high-end brand.

Apple has famously built its marketing message around the phrase, “Think Differently.”  This video salutes those who think that way.  42 years after its inception, Apple has an almost cult following and still seeks to inspire its fans.

Establish Goals And Measurement

In all of this, it’s important to establish your marketing goals before you start.  You’ll want to do this even before you worry about video cost and start the process of finding someone to do your video production.

Top Goals Of Video Content Marketing

•       Lead Generation

•       Thought Leadership

•       Market Education

•       Brand Awareness

•       Employee Engagement/Training

Your goals may or may not line up with these.  You may be more about trying to impact your internal culture or your employees.  Regardless of your goal, you have to be able to measure its impact.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Management expert Peter Drucker

More than 70% of marketing professionals say they can demonstrate – with hard numbers – how content marketing has increased audience engagement and their number of leads.

Corporate videos, and video marketing, are among the most powerful ways to connect with people emotionally and create lasting impressions.  Whether it’s an internal campaign to drive change, telling your story, recruiting, or B2B selling, video can lead to real transformations.


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