Power to
the Creatives

We believe there’s a better way to do creative work. A way that puts creatives in charge of their own destiny and enables them to work on projects that truly excite them.
Nate Watkin
Our CEO and executive producer leading a meeting with the video production team.
About Us
In 2017 an idea was born: Create the world’s first creative collaboration platform built by creatives, for creatives. So our team of former creators, freelancers and independent thinkers set out to build a company that could redefine the way creative work is done. Since then, we’ve helped match some of the world’s top brands with creative talent on six continents, and have given these individuals a platform to help them fulfill their highest potential.
We built Assemble with one goal, to empower ideas and the creatives who make them.
One of our video producers working on our cloud production platform.
Assemble is built by creatives, for creatives, and is the future of creative work and collaboration.
What we do
We build technology to help people connect, collaborate and create. Since our founding, we’ve helped countless creatives build their career and produce work that directly impacts their personal success and happiness. We’re passionate about elevating the industry and empowering truly talented people to work together to create ideas that can change the world.
Our Team
Built from the ground up in Los Angeles, California.
One of our video producers.
Nate Watkin CEO
One of our video producers.
TJ Palazzari Senior Developer
One of our video producers.
Jen Miller Marketing Director
One of our video producers.
Nathan Trumbull Head of Talent
One of our video producers.
Alyssa Dersahagian Producer